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UCEMCRETE floor system is a product of high-strength polyurethane resin mortar in 4 components, and is the flooring material satisfying the physical, chemical conditions and each surface finishing required in the industrial fields.

UCEMCRETE floor system shows the optimal performance especially for places that are exposed to extreme conditions and require the wear-resistance and extreme hygiene, such as food factories, chemical factories, pharmaceutical factories using lots of water, various acids, salts and oils. Eco-friendly flooring compositions in patent pending and flooring construction methods using the compositions

Requirement of HACCP flooring

Easy cleaning and pollution protect
Strong for water, heat, chemical resistance, anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion
No carved, cracks & holes on the surface
Keep dry conditions, except when necessary

Selection criteria for Food factory(HACCP) floor

Check bacterium presence
heat, cold resistance(durability at high tempuratures and at low tempurature)
Condition for easy cleaning and to avoid pollution
Resistance to various acids, salts and chemicals
Physical excellence such as abrasion resistance & durability
Check odor occurrence during application
Check how easy to maintenance and repair


Optimal material properties and economy for HACCP, GMP certificaion

Chemical-resistance for strong corrosive chemicals, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, etc.

Heat & cold-resistance
Available use within the scope of ‘-40 ℃~120 ℃’, depending on the thickness

Fast hardening
Walking available after 12 hours of construction and complete hardening after 24 hours (based on 20℃)

Hygiene properties
The materials harmless for human body and they have the effects to inhibit the bacterial increase

Very excellent resistance to shock due to good mechanical strength and low coefficient of elasticity.

Fire proof
Having the same level of fire resistance as gypsum plastic board.

It causes almost no odor during construction and does not create the VOC

Construction on wet floor is available
Construction available 7 days after concrete placing
(based on curing temperature of 20℃)